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They invented a new region – “So-Flo.” It includes Tampa.

The Secret History of Your Cable Bill – NPR’s Planet Money produced a mini episode on 1. why cable is so expensive, and 2. why you have to pay for channels you really don’t want. 

They also show this handy chart of how much you pay for cable channels in your monthly bill. 



London Eye photo.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.



Alexander Graham Bell


Franklin Delano Roosevelt

old tv

This is an old tv

“Cord cutting” refers to watching TV without a cable subscription or even access to broadcast television. Nearly 1 million US households have “cut the cord” in the last 12 months (including mine), choosing instead to watch TV over the Internet in a Web browser, through Netflix or through a device like Roku or Apple TV.

Time Magazine – The End of TV as We Know It

Remember the old “for Dummies” series that sought to explain complicated concepts through images and simple descriptions? Well below are two short, animated clips from Andy Dickerson that does just that for newspaper video strategies.

Strategy 1: The Quality Strategy 

Lesson 2: The Quantity Strategy